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“AI and Machine learning complete the package”

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in development of future industries, cities and societies and the demand for the technique among companies is increasing. More companies would like to find out how this tool could help them to unlock business values that are otherwise locked behind tons of data they have gathered in recent years. While AI and Machine Learning competence expands at ÅF, these techniques become the completing piece in a wide range of unique solutions provided by ÅF.

The demand and usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing. Large amount of data that are being collected and stored (thanks to cheap sensors and storage facilities) can now be used to unlock business values, improving processes and solve business problems.

-         A combination of different AI techniques and domain expertise are now being used to solve long-standing problems in various industries. The art is to find a solution that fits a company and its demands, says Azad Noorani, the Lead Data Scientist at ÅF.

By definition, AI is a computer program that imitate human-type reasoning and intelligence. However, Machine Learning (ML), as a subset of AI, is an algorithm that learns from the data by itself to extract relevant patterns. ML proves to be the corner stone of unique solutions that are being planned and executed ever more at ÅF. Among those, smart buildings, predictive maintenance, autonomous drive and process optimization are just a few examples.

According to Azad Noorani, the main advantage of ÅF is the domain knowledge that exist in many different business areas.

-         Combining these knowledge with AI and Machine Learning allows ÅF to formulate unique solutions and provide the complete package to the customers. This, in turn, makes ÅF the front runners in adapting futuristic technologies, says Azad.

In response to ever growing demand for AI and ML, ÅF offers free seminars and lectures to clarify both general overviews and the details of the methods. If you would like to learn more about various AI techniques, you can attend at the seminar of AI and Machine Learning on March 19th. Sign up here.

Do you have any questions about AI and Machine Learning at ÅF or about the seminar, please contact