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Are you in the manufacturing business?

ÅF is developing a really exciting product and is looking for a pilot customer.

ÅF is developing a really exciting product that combines the latest digitalization technology and Lean to improve the information flow on the factory floor. Think e-boards but fully interactive, equipped with all the Lean tools and fed with real-time production data. The product will also apply the latest in human centric interface design and AI powered predictive analytics.

For this project, ÅF is looking for an additional pilot customer within the EU, but not Sweden or Denmark, to speed up the development process with some help from an EU innovation fund.

The initial effort required by the pilot customer is very small (signing an agreement and providing CVs for participants) and if we succeed in getting the EU funding they will cover all the implementation costs for the customer.


If you are interested in participate in the pilot, please contact:

Nico Dima, Manager Industrial Digitalization, +46 70 263 16 61

Joe Davison, Industrial Digitalization Strategic Advisor, +46 72 206 58 78