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Cosy winter lighting for your home

How can you create great lighting in your home for the darkest period of the year? Kai Piippo, Head of Design at ÅF Lighting and one of the world’s best-known lighting designers, shares his top tips.

Kai Piippo

How do you light your own home?

As the evenings get darker, we need cosier lighting at home. In our home, all the light sources are dimmable. This allows us to control the brightness and easily create a cosy and warm feeling whenever we want. In addition, we have LED strips hidden in bookcases and under tables – also dimmable – which creates attractive light that is not directly discernible.

How do you go about creating perfect cosy winter lighting?

• Try to have several light sources in different locations. That gives you more options. Most homes in Sweden, both old and new, have too few electric sockets. Begin by putting in a few more, so you can add more light sources, with each luminaire fulfilling its function.

• The quality of the light source is also extremely important. I believe that the light source should create a warm light, so I usually recommend LED lamps with a slightly more yellow tone for home lighting.

• Think about what the space will be used for, and find the lighting solution that works best for the overall impression.

• Dare to think along new lines and try out different lights! Being creative is one of the most important things when lighting your home.

Please share one really useful and inexpensive top tip about lighting?

For winter, I would invest in some really cosy oil lamps. They are a perfect complement, especially if you don’t have an open fire or similar.

How about a really useful but less inexpensive piece of advice?

I recommend taking lighting into account when renovating. If you invest in good lighting right from the start, you increase the value of your home and enhance your own home experience.

What does a Head of Design at ÅF Lighting do?

We deal with lighting for everything from private homes to public spaces, so my job involves initiating and running projects together with my colleagues. I help the client understand and feel enthusiastic about good lighting, and to see the value of their investment. That is what allows us to deliver world-class design of lasting quality.

I often give lectures in Sweden and abroad, mostly to try and inspire the younger generation to see the potential of lighting. That is important to me.