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Victor Börjesson

My name is Victor Börjesson. I’ve worked as a consultant for almost four years and my work has always been within the automotive industry, first with trucks and now with cars.

What are you doing at the moment?

I’m currently working in a team where we are developing a complete bumper system for a Chinese car-manufacturer.

How has your career at ÅF developed?

When I started working at ÅF my first assignment was within the truck industry. My role was not that advanced in the beginning, more moving a screw from one place to another. Today I work with cars and bumpers where I’m responsible for the entire design from concept to finished product. So I can truly say that I have developed as a design engineer.

Which is the best project you’ve worked on?

The bumper-project is the best, and first, assignment I’ve worked on since I started at LeanNova. I’ve been working with this since last winter and now we’re in the final phase, which means I have seen the project from beginning to end.

What is the best part of being a consultant?

I like that it’s very flexible. I’m never stuck with one project. If I would like to switch assignment it feels like that’s always a possibility and within ÅF there are several opportunities to change the field of my career if I wanted to.

If you have worked with global customers and international projects during your time at ÅF, what were the biggest challenges and what did you learn from that?

The biggest challenge is the communication. Communicating with a foreign customer, e.g. Chinese, is always tricky. You have to be very clear with what you want and need.