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Johannes Hörner

His job at ÅF – To find clever solutions

Johannes Hörner is a mechanical design engineer at ÅF. This is a profession that demands great innovative drive and an ability to think outside the box.

“Each new task is a challenge"

Johannes Hörner has been working as a mechanical design engineer at ÅF since 2013. This means that he receives a new list of requirements for each new task that, together with other colleagues, he is to convert into a physical solution.

“What I do is called encapsulation or environmental protection. This means we have to meet client demands on finding the correct solution for how different types of electronics can be suited to a specific location. The project I have right now concerns the encapsulation of electronics within telecommunications. Previously I’ve done truck electronics. It’s a challenge but it’s also what makes my job so interesting.”

Designing a solution may sound simple but it often becomes complicated when a product must be positioned in a certain way, withstand a certain loads, be produced to a competitive cost and at the same time be cross-functional. That’s why Johannes calls himself something of a “handy Andy”.

“In my profession, I must create things, fun gadgets and clever solutions for every possible thing – a bit like a handy Andy.”

But Johannes’s workplace is not a tool shed but an office that is exchanged at certain intervals since he is a consultant. But all assignments have a common denominator, the work tool 3D CAD.

“With 3D CAD, we can see if a solution functions or must be adjusted. With the software, I draw components and parts that are needed in the design and can virtually assemble them to make sure that they fit together and meet what the client has requested.”

Johannes thinks the creation phase is one of the best things about being a mechanical designer. Like getting a washing machine to open itself or making the toaster eject the bread once it is toasted. But if he was to choose one project all for himself it would be to further develop the electric bicycle.

“It would be good fun to work with an E-bike. To dig into on how to make the whole concept more sustainable through more efficient energy management. That would be cool.”

A job of opportunities

In addition to creating new solutions and designs, Johannes is a person that likes to put on his boots and get on a pair of skis. And as his days get busier, this is an interest for which ÅF can give the opportunity.

“We have Club ÅF here. They arrange everything from after-work gatherings to skiing trips. They fix everything to a good price and there’s always someone to go with, which makes it simpler and more fun. And there’s something for everybody.”