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Johanna Jarl

For ÅF, the motivation and curiosity of its employees is immensely important – our consultants form the basis of our business. We need to work constantly on developing and strengthening our employees if we want the business to grow.

Johanna Jarl works with talent management at ÅF. In addition to attracting talent to ÅF, she works actively with getting them to stay with us and progress in their careers. 

What is your view on leadership?

“Good leaders generate long-term sustainable results. To do that you have to understand both the business and the people. ÅF’s leadership philosophy is all about managers being good at delivering long-term value by developing people’s skills and building strong teams. Good leadership is the foundation of strong customer relationships and dedicated employees.” 

How do you work with career development?

“The majority of our employees’ development is made through their everyday work – working with our many exciting projects and assignments together with other talented colleagues. What makes ÅF unique is our breadth and depth in many different areas of technology. In addition to the personal and professional development that occurs in daily work we have our own academy and we offer various career paths.”

Can you give some examples?

“We have a variety of programmes in our own training courses, the ÅF Academy, which are available to all our employees. These programmes offer both general and specific training courses in areas such as business acumen, leadership, project management and rhetoric. The courses and programmes chosen are linked to the career path you choose, for example, if you want to be a specialist, manager or project manager.”

How does one choose a career path?

“You have an ongoing dialogue with your manager about how you want to advance and how to achieve your goals. To support development within different career paths there are several training programs, such as leadership training. We also work with competence networks and mentoring programmes.” 

What is the biggest challenge of being a leader today?

“Today’s job market is very fast-paced, and that applies especially to young people. Young people constantly need new challenges to feel motivated and happy. So, we have a twofold role. It’s about attracting talented people and at least as much about giving them room to grow and develop. That’s how we can keep them here at ÅF.”