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Fredrik Lang

Fredrik Lang is Deputy project manager for the new railway station at Oslo Airport, the OSL T2 project.

When did you start working at ÅF?

I started working at ÅF August 2012, after having had a summer job at ÅF in 2011.

Why did you find ÅF an attractive employer?

ÅF Advansia manages some of Norway’s biggest and most exciting land-based building projects, and I discovered early on that I wanted to work on the client side; I also knew I wanted to work on the T2 project. I used to have a summer job in the T2 project, and a number of summer jobs with OSL’s own expansion organisation. Even back when the T2 project was in the pipeline, I was keen to become part of it.

How are you enjoying your current project?

I’m having a fantastic time. I think I have exciting and engaging work assignments, and I’m working as part of a large team with loads of well qualified employees. They’re pleasant workmates too. There are lots of people on the T2 project, so it takes time to get to know your own organisation, but then you discover lots of knowledgeable and lovely people around you. The large number of capable specialists probably helps make the T2 project something particularly positive. The size of the project means that you get a chance to work on more edgy assignments, while still being close enough to the rest of the project to pick up on everything that’s happening. It’s a luxury to be working on a project that is so big that everyone has dedicated assignments they are happy with.

How do you view your opportunities for development at ÅF?

I think they are good. Very shortly after I started, I was given contractual responsibility for a prefab steel and concrete contract, and later for the main roof over the new central building, west, too; and now I’ve been assigned a role as deputy project manager for the railway station. So I am experiencing what it is like to enjoy trust and responsibility, while still having a solid safety net beneath me. Working on a big project with many skilled people around you increases your chances of being thrown in at the deep end, and that’s a learning curve.

What motivates you to go to work?

Exciting and challenging work together with good colleagues and positive work environment.

What’s your best advice to students and others that are keen to work at ÅF?

Do it! Get in contact with ÅF during our visits in schools and universities, and apply for a summer job. A summer job is a great opportunity for students to get to know ÅF and vice versa, and often increases the chances for permanent employment after graduation.