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Groundwater Energy Designer

Groundwater Energy Designer (GED) is a tool for the planning and dimensioning of thermal groundwater utilization for heating and/or cooling, developed by ÅF and specifically tailored to the needs of our clients. GED provides a fast, light-weight toolset,  focused primarily on the early project phases of small to medium sized installations.

Based on an assessment of heating or cooling demand, GED may be used to investigate the potential for the direct utilization of groundwater. Using a simplified representation of localized hydrogeological conditions, wellbores for groundwater withdrawal are dimensioned and options for infiltration of used water are analyzed with regard to the available area and natural groundwater flow.

To minimize undesirable thermal effects on the groundwater at the site, GED allows you to interactively test various configurations by changing the number and location of wellbores.

GED is available with an interactive user interface in English, German, or French and is accompanied by comprehensive documentation. A free trial version is also available to download and includes an order form for permanent licenses.

GED was developed with support from the Swiss Federal Office for Energy (BfE) for the dimensioning of facilities engaged in the thermal utilization of groundwater. The program is offered in two packages:

  • The basic package includies the functionalities required for the early project phases of small installations.
  • The extended package includes the option of demand stepping per year and provides access to the solver parameters to optimize the program, or run batches.

System requirements:
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Hard Disk: minimal free space of 150 MB
Monitor resolution: 1024x768 or higher
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 or later

A Read Me file is included in the download with instructions for obtaining a computer-specific license starting at € 300.00.

For further information, we recommend:

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Download a free test version of the program with unlimited use for 7 days from the first installation:


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