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Software Quality Assurance

At ÅF we view Software Quality Assurance as ensuring business targets are met efficiently. ÅF helps their clients achieve this by structured methods and processes, from idea to delivery and maintenance.

ÅF has a long history within QA accompanied by and breadth and depth in multiple disciplines. ÅF takes on a range of assignments, from fully outsourced engagements on- or off-site to professional services.


Strategy and Management

Within Strategy and Management we focus on identifying what you as client need within QA and why. It all starts by getting an understanding of your vision and goals. Based on these we conduct an analysis of the current situation and identify how QA activities help create an effective business which meets these set goals.

Example of areas we run through and can provide are:

Test Strategy

  • Identification of priorities, goals of the business and how current QA activities meets these goals.
  • Requirement Management, Conf. Management, Test Management, Tools, Organization
  • Effective testing. Are you testing the right things
  • Review of testing tools and what fits the business
  • Test automation, what to automate and why.
  • Define the objectives of each test stage
  • Analyze the risks, cost of code defects and revenue/productivity gains
  • Understand available resources including internal staff and the testing tools and techniques required

Test Management

  • Secures effective use of resources and tools
  • Secures test strategies are in place


  • Regular coaching to raise the knowledge
  • Improve effectiveness and output


Education and Coaching

ÅF helps its clients raise their QA knowledge by providing education and coaching. It is all about staying on top of the game or someone else will be there.

Within software QA discipline ÅF has more than 100 + employees and a vast network of partners. The collective experience, from junior, senior and expert individuals is something we cherish and are keen to share with our clients.

ÅF is a ISTQB certified trainer and gives courses on a regular basis. To view current offers please go to Calendar and Events (Link)

ÅF also tailors educational packages based on your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion on how we can help you.


Functional and Non-Functional testing

In all SW development projects bugs are introduced in the code. The key success factor of ensuring quality of the product delivered to the customers is thorough and well planned testing.

ÅF helps our customers with functional and non-functional testing which secures high quality products that lives up to the requirements defined.
Functional testing secures that the functionality of the product is what is expected and non-functional testing secures for example the performance of the product.

Examples of testing that ÅF can help you with:

  • Functional tests
    - Unit testing
    - Functional testing
    - Integration testing
    - Test automation
  • Non-functional testing
    - Performance testing
    - Load test
    - Stress test
    - UI-test
    - Security testing



Setting up new environments can be costly and time consuming and often far away from the core business.

ÅF helps you with setting up and managing the environments of your needs to secure cost efficiency and flexibility. Examples of services we provide are:

  • Set up of environments
    - Development
    - System test
    - Acceptance test
    - Production
  • Maintenance support
  • Dedicated environment or virtual
  • Performance and load testing
  • Coaching
    - How to set up and support environments


Big Data test

When testing Datawarehouse or Big Data systems it is all about the data and the business rules.

ÅFs clients have complex business logic and are storing more and more data. The data is stored in Business Inteligence and Datahouse systems, but it is hard to secure that the data in the systems is correct and valid.

ÅF helps you define the test strategy and test methodology needed for Big Data testing.

Examples of services we provide are:

  • Plan and execute tests of Datawarehouse and Cubes
  • Define appropriate test methods
  • Administrate test reports
  • Secure correct test data
  • Load test data into test environments and cubes


Security Validation

The constantly changing nature of IT environments means organizations must regularly test security and compliance controls to ensure that they remain both effective and within the scope of required guidelines, laws and regulations.

At ÅF we can assist you with our Information Validation Services. Our offer is driven bot only by increasing IT complexity and risk, but also by the growing number of regulations that require incremental testing.

With continous validation you can:

  • Keep security systems and processes up to date with the current state of their overall IT infrastructure.
  • Address specific security testing requirements laid out by regulations including PCI and HIPAA, SoX.
  • Frequently and consistently validate the efficacy of IPS, IDS, antivirus and other commonly mandated security controls.
  • More efficiently and cost-effectively prepare for compliance audits.

Our services enable security professionals to extend their assessments to new levels that not only achieve compliance, but also enable them to harden security defenses and policies on a day-to-day basis throughout their organisations.

ÅF Technology AB is by PCI-SSC approved as QSA to conduct PCI-DSS validations.

Let us be your partner in Validation!


Requirement Management

Good Requirement Management is maybe one of the most important disciplines for a successful project. It is all about bringing vision and goals into clear requirements which are understandable for all stakeholders e.g. product and business owners, architects and developers to testers and maintenance.

ÅF brings competence and experience from high level requirement management down to testable system requirements.

We are also able to bring in Usability Designers. It is often a very strong tool to quickly get an understanding of the requirements. Most human minds like visual presentations, the old saying “A picture tells more than a thousand words” is in many cases very true also in software engineering projects.


Mia Sköld

System & Test
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Kajsa Björn

Business Unit Manager, IT Solutions Mälardalen