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Exclusive light for Louis Vuitton in Mexico

ÅF Lighting designs façade lighting for the newly opened store in Mexico City

When up-and-coming Mexican architect firm MATERIA were entrusted with the project, they invited ÅF to design the lighting for the wooden panels decorating the façade of the store. The first step was to carry out a daylight analysis. Dan Hodierne, project leader and lighting designer, explains:

“As the Mexican daylight is obviously very different from that in Scandinavia, we started the project with a sun path analysis to track the sun’s movement in relation to the building. We also looked at the shadow patterns from the wooden slats to prevent unwanted shadows on the logo and clothes in the store.”

A series of tests in ÅF Lighting’s light lab, resulted in a double sided lighting solution that compliments the architecture during the day and enhances the details in the wooden facade at night. The recognizable Louis Vuitton logo is set in a diffuse but strong glow. Leading architect at MATERIA, Gustavo Carmona, is happy with the collaboration.

“We thought of inviting ÅF Lighting, given their sensitive approach to the concept of “man-made” light. The façade was meant to be not just the exterior skin but also a threshold that holds the passing of light and shadow, always conveying the identity of the brand in a subtle and elegant manner. This we managed to do very well together with ÅF Lighting. “ he says.

For Dan and the team, the project proved to be a valuable learning experience: 

“When you’re working with international clients, it’s important to consider the time difference and add extra time when you’re planning the project. When we sent off drawings, it was usually the middle of the night for the client“ says Dan. 

The store has now opened and the feedback has been very positive.

Photo: Jaime Navarro. Image courtesy of MATERIA