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Light that unites

The Svindersvik bridge – light that unites.

Two luminous wedding bands, symbolising the union between communities. That is the lighting concept for the new Svindersvik bridge, which links the peninsula of Kvarnholmen to the centre of Nacka, just south of Stockholm.

As the Swedish capital keeps attracting inhabitants, new areas like the Kvarnholmen peninsula in the southern archipelago is being urbanized at an impressive rate. A new tunnel and bridge now links the central parts of Nacka to Kvarnholmen, and businesses, modern housing, sea views and the proximity to nature attract a flow of new inhabitants to the area.

The tunnel and bridge, collectively known as the Kvarnholmsförbindelsen, were inaugurated in June 2016 and ÅF Lighting has been responsible for the lighting design concept for both. With its sweeping curves, the Svindersvik bridge has become a new landmark, visible from land and water.

“The parallel semicircles made us think of wedding bands, especially when reflected by the water surface. That’s how we came up with our design concept”, says lighting designer Jessica Johansson.

In keeping with the wedding ring concept, they chose to keep the colour palette simple, with a variable white light that can be tuned from a golden glow to icy blue hues – or from yellow gold to white, if you will. The lighting also harmonizes with the colours of the sky at dawn and dusk, and features well shielded and precisely focused beams, minimizing glare and light pollution.

Working closely with the company who designed the actual bridge, the lighting designers were also able to influence the hue of its white-grey paint on various parts of the bridge, which was important in terms of achieving the desired lighting result.

When describing the work process, lighting designer Klas Gustafsson paints a picture of cooperation and commitment from all parties:

“Working as a team was our key to success – just like in any happy relationship. For instance, we have had a great collaboration with our project management and landscaping team at ÅF. I was also impressed by how dedicated the installation and programming crew was. Lighting adjustments have to happen at night, we were in the middle of summer and Swedish summer nights are very short. So we spent several nights battling the clock together, making our final adjustments”.

The result, and the analogy, is clear for all to see. The luminous arcs of the Svindersvik bridge now join two separate entities together, creating new possibilities, and a harmonious whole.