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Liquid Light®

Liquid Light® – Because life is too short for boring environments

With an aim to take part in designing the cities of the future and make them more environment-friendly, efficient, and navigable, Liquid Light® is ÅF Lighting’s answer to the needs of modern life and society.

The concept is inspired by natural light and based on the philosophy that the lighting should respond to and harmonize with the changes that is physically happening through the day and night. It is a design concept that brings light to life, where the lighting adapts to the users and creates a visual environment with its own unique expression.

Lighting for People

Just like air quality, thermal comfort and acoustics, lighting is a precondition for people to live and work comfortably. A good lighting system reacts instantly to its surroundings and the users, hereby enhancing usability and comfort in a space.

With Liquid Light we embrace the challenges of designing human centred lighting. ÅF Lighting has designed a lighting solution customized for the end user, without any direct involvement from the individual. The light can be shaped to a person’s personal light zone or set the mood in a space that facilitates a meeting between people. It is a contextualised lighting solution designed to fit the actual use of a specific site.

Motion sensors play an important role. They detect human movement and are in constant dialogue with the users of a space. Motion triggers the lighting to seamlessly change and adapt accordingly. This optimises adaptability and guidance for each person as he or she moves around in a building or outdoors. Advanced detection and controlling ensures maximum efficiency and sustainability without compromising functionality or visual quality, while smooth dimmer curves ensures that the changes of light are seamlessly integrated into the environment.

The aim is to establish a self-learning lighting system, which over time, and along with the technological development, becomes more intelligent learning from the users, activities, and data input.


The Biophilia Effect - Liquid Light brings life to our surroundings

Traditional sources of real-time data, like anemometers, lux meters, and temperatures, as well as untraditional sources of data, like cloud formations, bird migration, and human movement, are combined with conventional parameters. This combination of data determines the organic light scenarios. Thus the light’s visual expression relies on automatically generated sine curves, which adjust to seasonal changes and time of day, thereby creating ever-changing scenarios.

With Liquid Light, we embrace biophilic design in our projects. It is designed to make us experience natural phenomena through light. Through this design concept we add an element of surprise to our surroundings expressed in dynamic light scenarios tied to natural formations, which instinctively improves our connection to nature. When we include Liquid Light® we blend organic elements with the architectural design which increases our alertness and sense of well-being.


Liquid Light – the five elements

The concept consists of the following elements, representing essential characteristics of light in relation to human perception and behaviour.

Place – Lighting which dynamically facilitate accessibility and human activity. 

Surroundings – Lighting which defines space and creates a visual background.

People – Lighting that ensures a customized ambience and invites to social interaction and conversation.

Joy - Lighting which adds a joyful experience through visual stimuli for the user.

Sustainability – Lighting that guarantees to meet the highest energy standards suitable to match the needs of people in modern society.



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