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We create sustainable solutions to retain and treat stormwater

Stormwater is water that originates during precipitation and snow/ice melt. During natural conditions stormwater is absorbed by plants and infiltrates into the soil where contaminants are treated. In the city where there are a lot of impervious surfaces the stormwater is prevented from infiltrating into the ground.

Hence, more runoff is generated than in natural landscapes. This additional runoff can cause flooding as well as transport pollutants to lakes and rivers.

With growing cities and the ongoing climate change it is important that we decrease the negative impact on our environment. Stormwater management has a key role in the development of the sustainable city. Good stormwater management has the potential to reduce the risk and impact of flooding and improve runoff quality. It is also important to clarify the jurisdiction over stormwater management systems.

How we work with Stormwater?

We create sustainable solutions to retain and treat stormwater. By analysing and modelling we investigate the effect of planned actions. We work in all courses of events from early strategical investigations to designing, inspection and operational support. Our team has many years’ experience of both practical and theoretical experience working with stormwater.

Examples of common assignments:

  • Stormwater investigations in conjunction with detailed development plans and permits
  • Calculating pipes dimensions
  • Jurisdiction and economy related to stormwater
  • Designing stormwater solutions
  • Road and railway drainage
  • Flood modelling
  • Inspection and operational support



Camilla Vesterlund

Camilla Vesterlund

Technical Area Coordinator Stormwater