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Maria Högman

Meet Maria Högman

Maria works as a Senior Quality Assurance and Compliance consultant, specializing in Quality Assurance Management, Product Safety and Compliance Management.

What do you do at ÅF?
I help companies to comply with different regulations and expectations from their clients and other authorities. Basically helping them to develop and manufacture safer products. In the end making sure the client can use the product and feel safe.

Tell us about your life as a consultant – how does it work?
Working as a consultant depends both on the assignment and the client. Sometimes I only visit the client for meetings, presentations etc, and do most of my work at the office and collaborate with my colleagues at ÅF. Sometimes I spend 100% of my time at the client’s office. I enjoy the opportunity I get as a consultant to get an insight in different types of organizations and knowledge of different products.

What does a regular day at work consist of?
My work day consists of meetings and interactions with representatives from the client organization. I handle a lot of different types of documentation so I spend my days in front of the computer preparing documents for review or approval. I prepare meetings or training sessions, and of course I have one or two coffee breaks in-between. My current assignment also bring a lot of laughter between me and my colleagues.

What motivates you at work?
The interaction with others, and to learn something new every day motivates me at work. I really enjoy working within Life Science, because I know that what we do will improve life for patients, and their families.

How would your colleagues describe you?
My colleagues would describe me as easy going, thorough, and pragmatic. Fun to work with, most of the time. 

How did you start your career at ÅF?
Employed by another employer I kept an eye on ÅF and after a couple of years I decided to take contact. By that time, my manager, Jacob Rydholm, had just started a new section, Compliance Quality Management, and the rest is history.

What are your goals and ambitions?
I want to continue to develop in my profession, and I want to contribute to ÅFs growth and make ÅF an even better place to work. My dream assignment would be setting up a CQM office in Los Angeles.

How does ÅF help you to develop?
ÅF help develop my competences through fun an challenging assignments. There’s also a lot of good internal training held by colleagues from ÅF that I attend. If the training is not available inhouse, I'll just find a suitable external training. My section, CQM, also hosts focus nights, at least once a year, where we invite speakers and clients for an evening of networking and exchange of popular topics. And there is always invitations to lectures or discussions in different areas held at ÅF that we can attend. 

What is important to you when choosing your employer?
A combination of stability, and forward movement in the business. Flexibility and possibilities to develop. The atmosphere in the organization should be to look at each employee as an individual with competences that should be taken care of, not exploited, but developed.

Why did you choose ÅF as an employer?
ÅF has a lot of advantages that come with the size of the company. The network within the organization and the variety of clients. Benefits, Club ÅF, the social network and the fact that there are other career paths within the organization. At a smaller consultant company you seldom get the chance to try other careers. ÅF’s biggest challenge for the future is keeping the good atmosphere in a rapidly growing organization. Maintaining client trust and continue to be at the front end and with a high quality in every delivery.

What kind of manager do you prefer?
Being manager for consultants that are placed mainly at the customers' office is slightly different from managing staff you meet every day. The manager role is to provide the consultant with necessary tools and conditions in order to perform at one’s best. The manager should be a person that interprets company goals and visions and applies them into daily work. The manager creates the atmosphere in the group and has to be extra sensitive and keep in contact with the employees even if you don’t see them from day to day.

Who are you in your private life?
I’m mother of three, talented kids and I hope that at least the youngest, the girl, becomes an engineer. The two boys currently dream of other careers, conductor and ballet dancer.

I recently learned to crochet, which gives me chance to be very creative. I also love to perform with my chorus, to cook and to travel. Los Angeles is my new favourite destination.