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Future cutting-edge technologies that work together for the client

ÅF is an engineering and consulting company that is strongly rooted in industry,with assignments in the energy, industrial and infrastructure sectors. By connecting forward-looking technologies and competencies, ÅF provides profitable, innovative and sustainable solutions that help boost clients’ profitability and competitive edge.

Exceptional range of specialists

ÅF has an exceptional range when it comes to the specialist skills offered in
each client relationship and within all sectors of industry. The vast range of
skills and specialist knowledge found among ÅF’s employees and networks
means that clients can be offered technical solutions that are one step ahead, and that boost their competitive edge. Sound business acumen and complete independence mean that ÅF’s consultants are able to choose the most appropriate solution for each individual assignment. 

The offering covers fields of expertise such as product development and IT within the automotive sector, telecoms, defence and life science, process knowhow for industrial and energy plants, robotisation of production, production facilities, development of customised business systems, communications system management and IT and civilian security. 

In the field of energy, ÅF’s expertise extends to transmission and distribution of energy and all types of power plants for all kinds of energy sources, including waste fuels, gas, coal, nuclear power, as well as biofuel, water, wind and other renewable energy sources. 

For infrastructure projects, ÅF offers management and project design skills for major projects within most sectors of society, primarily roads, railways and buildings. ÅF has specialist expertise in a number of areas, such as noise, vibration and acoustic issues, lighting and environmental issues. ÅF’s history and roots in an industrial culture with a long-term perspective also represent added value in many client relationships and are a key success factor, particularly in infrastructure projects.

Sharing knowledge in joint projects

ÅF’s divisions and skills are increasingly brought together in joint projects and
solutions to meet clients’ needs. More and more clients are approaching ÅF with the type of project that involves several different technologies. One example is ÅF’s expertise within embedded systems, which is being successfully linked with assignments across ÅF Group’s client base, to develop everything from software to finished product, in partnership with
clients. It can be about autonomous drive and active safety in vehicles, and in the infrastructure area, intelligent transportation systems. When different technologies come together, ÅF’s employees need to have a sound understanding of each other’s skills, and an ability to share and learn from previous experience from other projects. ÅF’s employees also need
to be good at understanding the forces that drive society. 

End-to-end solutions offer benefits for both the client and ÅF. They create a shared incentive to work productively and efficiently, to draw on previous experience and to make more effective use of human resources.