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ÅF - Report from ÅF s Annual General Meeting, 8 May 2007

Published maj 08, 2007
Approval of the accounts and dividend
The Annual General Meeting voted to approve the income statements and
balance sheets of the ÅF Group and the parent company, together with
a shareholders' dividend of SEK 3.00 per share (equivalent to a total
payout of SEK 48,833,925 kronor). The record day for the right to
receive this dividend will be Friday, 11 May 2007. Payment will be
made via VPC (the Swedish securities depository) on Wednesday, 16 May

Election of the directors of the company and emoluments to the Board
The Annual General Meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal
made by the Nomination Committee, to appoint a Board of Directors
consisting of eight members without deputies. Ulf Dinkelspiel, Magnus
Grill, Eva-Lotta Kraft, Peter Sandström, Helena Skåntorp and Lena
Treschow Torell were re-elected as directors of the company: Patrik
Enblad and Jon Risfelt were also elected as directors. Ulf
Dinkelspiel were appointed Chairman of the Board. Eva Lindén and
Svante Karlsson had already been appointed to represent ÅF employees
on the Board, with Daniel Westman and Oskar Strid as their deputies.

It was also resolved that Ernst&Young AB be appointed as the
company's auditors, with Lars Träff as Senior Auditor, Marine Geisen
as auditor and Thomas Forslund and Charlotte Dahlbäck as deputy
auditors, all to serve for a period of four years.

In accordance with the proposal made by the Nomination Committee, the
Annual General Meeting resolved that the emoluments payable to the
Board for the period up until the next Annual General Meeting shall
be SEK 1,250,000, of which SEK 350,000 shall be paid to the Chair of
the Board and SEK 150,000 to each of the other members of the Board
who are not employees of the ÅF Group. The fees payable for those
engaged in committee work shall be SEK 25,000 for each committee
member who is not an employee of the ÅF Group, and a fee of SEK
50,000 shall be paid to the Chair of the Audit Committee. It was also
resolved that the fees paid to the auditors shall accord with the
auditors' invoiced amounts.

Nomination Committee
The Annual General Meeting resolved that the Nomination Committee
shall, up to the time that a new Nomination Committee is appointed
following a mandate from the next general meeting of the company,
consist of the Chair of the Board together with one representative
from each of the two largest shareholders in the company at the end
of the third quarter. The Nomination Committee shall appoint the
representative of the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights
to chair the committee. The names of the members of the Nominations
Committee shall be announced no later than in conjunction with the
publication of the company's interim report for the third quarter in

Authorisation of the Board of Directors to resolve on a new share
The Annual General Meeting resolved to authorise the Board of
Directors to issue on one or more occasions in the intervening period
up until the next Annual General Meeting a maximum of 1,500,000 new
class B shares as an issue for cash at market prices and/or on an"issue in kind" basis or "set-off issue" basis, or with other
conditions attached and, by so doing, to disapply the practice of
affording preferential rights to shareholders. The purpose of this is
to give the Board the opportunity to pay all of or part of the
purchase price of new acquisitions in the form of shares in the
company and/or to place the shares with institutional buyers as an
issue for cash, in order to raise liquid funds to finance all or part
of the acquisition.

Constituent meeting of the Board
At its first meeting immediately after the Annual General Meeting the
new Board of Directors elected Ulf Dinkelspiel as its Chair. As
members of the Remuneration Committee the Board of Directors
re-elected Magnus Grill and Lena Treschow Torell and Ulf Dinkelspiel
(Chair) were also elected as directors. Lena Treschow Torell was
re-elected Vice Chair of the Board. Furthermore the Board of
Directors re-elected Helena Skåntorp (Chair) and Eva-Lotta Kraft and
Ulf Dinkelspiel were also elected as directors to serve on the
company's Audit Committee.

Corporate Information
AB Ångpanneföreningen

The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise
founded on more than a century of experience. We offer highly
qualified services and solutions for industrial processes,
infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT
systems. We are also one of the leading names in testing and
inspection. Today the ÅF Group has 3,500 employees. Our base is in
Europe, but our business and our clients are found all over the

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