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ÅF develops space technology to meet changing global threats

Materials and technologies developed for biologically enclosed space systems can provide energy-efficient and environmentally friendly housing in the sustainable cities of the future. Space robots may replace humans in dangerous environments on Earth.

"Changing global threat scenarios require new solutions for surveillance and communications. Space-based systems with digital solutions and data-driven services will play an increasingly important role in defence and security in the future, as well as being crucial if we are to achieve UN climate and sustainability goals," continues Johan Tenstam.

A major change is currently underway in the field of satellites.

"The trend is towards ever smaller and cheaper satellites that fly in significantly lower orbits than traditional geostationary satellites. The smallest of these is only 10 cm3," says Johan Tenstam.

These new miniature satellites can be equipped with advanced sensor technology and powerful computers with AI functionality, allowing for fast and intelligent onboard data processing. They are capable of communicating with each other, flying in formation and interacting in various network constellations above the Earth.

"This allows them to deliver the best possible situation images in close to real time, provide robust broadband communications, track aircrafts and ships, or facilitate IoT services from space," explains Johan Tenstam.

ÅF has extensive expertise and experience gained from a variety of interesting customer assignments and collaborations within the space field.

"As part of a long-term assignment for OverHorizon, we have participated in projects to develop the next generation of mobile satellite broadband communication systems, contributing with technical expertise, systems engineering, procurement support and project management," says Johan Tenstam. "In the field of nano satellites, we have recently completed an assignment on behalf of GomSpace Sweden in Uppsala. ÅF has collaborated with Umbilical Design on projects to transfer space technology for terrestrial use."

Over recent years, ÅF has also enjoyed a strategic partnership with RUAG Space in Gothenburg in the communication technology sector. ÅF can also call on many years of wealth of experience in space-related assignments for the defence sector.

"This has been in the field of satellite-based mobile communications systems for the air force, navy and army, as well as satellite navigation systems," explains Johan Tenstam, who sees enormous potential for ÅF to grow and take on more and larger assignments in the space industry. "We can see an incredible number of applications; it is very exciting to be part of current developments aimed at identifying sustainable solutions for society based on space technology.

In order to expand the business and develop new services, Johan Tenstam seeks additional expertise for his section with an academic engineering or doctorate degree.
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