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Nguyen Hai Long

His job at ÅF – build bridges between languages and cultures

Nguyen Hai Long works at ÅF in Hanoi in Vietnam. Nguyen Hai is Head of Business Development (Energy) at ÅF. His work involves meeting people from different countries and cultures.

ÅF has operations in roughly a hundred countries, one of which is Vietnam. At the office in Hanoi, six ÅF staff work together with several project teams. Nguyen Hai Long is one of them and works both locally and globally with projects in the areas of hydropower, thermal power, nuclear power and renewable energy.

- One of the best things about my job is that I get to work with so many different people from different countries and different industries. It’s both a challenge and rewarding to be able to collaborate with people around the world but also in Vietnam.

During his time at ÅF, he has had great freedom to develop personally and has been given the opportunity to participate in many challenging and exciting projects in the areas of hydropower, thermal, nuclear power, and renewable energy. One of these projects is the construction of the recently completed Lai Chau hydro power project (1200MW) in Vietnam, which will be Vietnam’s second largest source of energy from hydropower. Whenever he is involved in a new project, he comes home to his family and with pride in his voice tells his children what their father will be doing.

- There is something special about looking at an empty space and then 5 years later returning to the same place and seeing what you have actually accomplished.

Nguyen Hai Long, Lai Chau, hydro power project in Vietnam

A job to be proud of

In his professional life Nguyen Hai encounters many cultural and linguistic barriers. These often involve great challenges for all parties to be able to understand each other and for projects to be conducted successfully. For Nguyen Hai, this means that his profession is not totally unlike that of his engineering colleagues.

- My job is like building a bridge. This bridge will successfully lead between languages, cultures and expectations for all the parties involved.

ÅF has had operations in Hanoi in Vietnam since 1997 and has contributed its core competencies in energy, industry and environmental engineering to support the country. Nguyen Hai has worked at the office in Hanoi since 1998 and has no plans to switch to anything else.

- The culture at ÅF is something I really appreciate. Everyone’s friends no matter your position or what you do.

Even odds in Vietnam

ÅF’s office in Hanoi is one of those that have succeeded in exceeding the company’s vision of at least 30 per cent female employees at a workplace. Here, the percentage of women is at 50 per cent.

- For us, female employees are one of our most important assets. In Vietnamese society, women are the smart ones and the strong ones, both historically and today, and this manifests itself in almost all contexts in our country.