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Hanna Labuda

"You look at the solution with a bird’s eye view, and get the whole picture"

Name: Hanna Labuda
Title: Technical tester on system level and test lead
Education: M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from KTH. One year on an Erasmus exchange in Austria, master thesis in Berlin
Hobbies: Riding, moving (has moved twice since last summer), returning to the Swedish society
Indispensable at work: Good colleagues

Eighteen years ago Hanna Labuda moved to Germany to do her master thesis. She returned to Sweden fulltime only last summer and has worked at ÅF since. She liked her years abroad, but finds it easier to be a woman in technology in Sweden than in Germany.

Hanna Labuda works with software testing, both on an application level and on a network level.

What do you enjoy the most about working with testing?

I like to investigate the solution, to find out what works and what doesn’t. I have always liked to dissemble things to learn more about them, which is really what I do now.

As a tester, you have to be creative to find the borderline cases where problems can hide. You look at the solution with a bird’s eye view, and get the whole picture.

What kind of projects have you worked with at ÅF?

In one project I did application testing at an existing site. I built a production environment of the same kind as the users worked in and did both automatic and manual testing. The challenge with this project was to find all kinds of faults and errors. The site is crucial, with many daily users, and the system is extremely complex, so I had to test all kinds of scenarios to really be sure to find everything.

In another project I worked with a new product. This was an exploratory project, and the development was fast. We had to do assumptions on how the product would work which put great demands on my creative ability. 

What would you like to do next?

I hope I could work with a development project of some kind, either as a tester or a test leader. You get to be tricky and try to find the things the developers haven’t thought about. It would be extra interesting if I could work with new technology.

What do you like best with working at ÅF?

The colleagues. We share experiences, both positive and negative, and learn a lot from this. You become a better consultant this way. This has been extra valuable for me I think, it has been a crash course in the Swedish working life.

Who are you outside the work?

I have two children and dogs. A year ago I moved back to Sweden after eighteen years in Germany, so my life outside work has centered around finding a place to live and to manage everything like school and kindergarten. I have always been riding a lot, but last year I lost the horse I had had for twelve years. I hope I will return to the riding someday, but I think I have to wait a bit more to get over the loss of him.