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Daniel Ordéus

Meet Daniel Ordéus

As a new design engineer at ÅF, Daniel Ordéus first intended to focus on the technical aspects of the job and then switch that focus to realising his dream of becoming a leader.

Daniel found a job posting for a position as a design engineer at ÅF, sent in his application and the journey began. It was the potential for growth and development that attracted him, but it was also a workplace where he could be challenged and demonstrate his abilities.

Four major steps

Daniel was hired as a design engineer in 2008, but after three years his manager at the time decided to take advantage of his industriousness and put him in charge of parts of the company’s in-house operations. The next step as deputy team leader came shortly thereafter and for the last two years he has worked as a section manager. “Getting ahead was important to me, something I also expressed and demonstrated as time went on,” says Daniel. “I appreciate the fact that people notice you at ÅF and that there are opportunities to take on new challenges.”

He spends a typical day at work responding to emails, attending meetings with sales colleagues about potential assignments and attending meetings with clients. He usually also visits the in-house operations project office to meet with the staff and review operations, which is something he enjoys very much. He describes ÅF’s working climate as open – a place where you can work together in a highly motivated atmosphere and where seniors mentor juniors. “I feel incredibly good about my job at ÅF. I like being challenged every day, but the best thing is working with all these wonderful people. It’s fun meeting all the young engineers who are thriving at ÅF and being part of their journey.”

Meet Daniel Ordeus

The best engineers

According to Daniel the company engages young engineers at an early stage. One way to do that is through ÅF Future Talent, a programme for engineering students in their fourth year of university studies. The programme includes mentoring, networking and presenting ÅF as a future employer. The student becomes an ambassador for ÅF and the programme ends with an internship at ÅF. We want the best engineers and this is a way to engage with talented students. Another way in is to apply for the internships we post on the website or contact ÅF with an internship proposal. A successful internship can lead to a position with us.

“Technology and an inner drive”

Daniel believes that working at ÅF is largely a matter of adapting to new environments, delivering what the client needs and approaching clients with a good, trustworthy attitude. The most important thing is to have an inner drive with an interest in technology and a desire to grow and develop. “My experience has helped me dare to believe that nothing is impossible, particularly how much information you can absorb. You can push yourself very far. I think it’s important to grasp that learning isn’t over just because you’re not in school anymore.”