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Energy efficiency optimization at Möller Bil

Möller Bil conducts automobile sales and workshop operations in its own properties at 10 locations in the Mälardalen region. Its total annual energy consumption amounts to approximately 17,000 MWh (electricity and heating). ÅF has been tasked with optimizing the company’s energy use and costs.

The goal of the assignment is to reduce total energy consumption by around 20% through the use of simple methods and cost-effective investments. The facilities will also be modified to create a more comfortable indoor climate and easier maintenance. In addition, costs will be reduced through more efficient operating agreements and correct rates. ÅF will finance all investments and then bill them out in exchange for 80% of the savings, according to our model for energy cooperation. In phase 1, the existing equipment was to be optimized. This phase was initiated as early as the first on-site visits to the facilities. In phase 2, simple investments were made to address direct deficiencies and shortcomings. In phase 3, more large-scale and cost-intensive rebuilding was be carried out.

In Phase 1, energy consumption was cut by approximately 7%. In Phase 2, consumption was reduced further, by around 9% compared to the base year. Phase 3 was initiated after year 2 and energy consumption was reduced additionally, achieving set targets. All consulting costs and investments required to reach the set targets was recouped in a year.

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