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The Company

We want to minimize our environmental impact. Our entire process, from production to distribution, must become sustainable. Everything that we produce should be possible to reuse or recycle. We should be well integrated into the city and seen as a good corporate citizen.

We want to be a good role model in the industry and encourage our employees to make sustainable choices. It would be fantastic if everyone could ride their bikes to work, but that would require modern bicycle garages and good walking and bicycle paths.

It should be profitable to work sustainably, and to make that possible there is a need for different incentives from the municipality.

If this can be arranged, we promise to lead the entire industry in the right direction!

Sustainable on every level

Companies that are specialized in production and distribution play a major role when it comes to sustainability. There’s no point in making sustainable products if the related production, distribution and waste contribute to environmental problems. The entire chain must be sustainable.

Objective-oriented planning

Companies should strive for objective-oriented planning where the goal defines the course of action and operations are adapted accordingly. This will lead to a more even allocation of resources and reduce excess consumption. It’s vital to prioritize long-term consequences and advantages over short-term profits.

Eco-friendly and reliable

Emissions and noise are still major concerns for many companies. With innovations and smart planning, production and distribution can become cleaner and quieter. Companies should also strive to distribute as locally as possible, and ensure that the resources they use are locally produced. Sustainable transports must be eco-friendly but also reliable, punctual and safe in traffic.

Encourage companies, especially large and transnational companies, to adopt sustainable practices and to integrate sustainability information into their reporting cycle

UN Global Goal - 12.6

Shopping on-demand

Thanks to innovative modes of transport, in the future we will be able to see distribution as an on-demand service – products don’t sit around waiting in warehouses because they are not be produced until demanded. This can reduce excess consumption and lead to lower waste.

Everyone shares the responsibility

Companies that work strategically with sustainability gain attention and appreciation from society. They can inspire others and lead the entire industry in the right direction. But this demands dialogue with and support from the municipal and state governments that are responsible for the infrastructure. Cooperation and good communication between the private and public sectors are critical for success.