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Sensor based intelligent position and monitoring system

About the company

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About the job

*ÅF Technology accepts master thesis applications within the area of sensors and sensor fusion.

In today’s society the demand for sensor information is increasing. In the industry the use cases can vary and are often different kinds of detection of motions of robots, cars and humans. The usage of sensors is an area that develops strongly and ÅF is interested to study and develop techniques and to develop a broad knowledge base at ÅF. The area of usage is many. To implement tomorrows advanced active systems there are a demand for sensors that read present situation information and motion within an object. The sensors can be of the type accelerometers, cameras, gyros, GPS or likewise. Further there are needs for advanced signal processing and sensor fusion to enhance and combine information from the various sensors.

At ÅF there are a lot of knowledge of MEMS (MicroElectroMecanicalSystems), sensors, vision systems, GPS, IMU´s and sensor fusion. Sensor fusion is about how to combine data from different sensors to create decision basis for different decisions. Sensor system becomes more common in all branches and products, for example in vehicles, consumer products, industry systems etc. MEMS become cheaper for every year and require less and less energy to work and are very small. This makes the ideal to adopt and apply to existing processing systems in the industry, like robots and hand held tools.

Research question

Accelerometer and 3 axle gyro MEMS sensors shall be used to detect and monitor positions in a 3D space with high accuracy. The MEMS sensors shall be sized to be able to place on smaller robot or handheld devices. The requirement is that the system accuracy shall be high enough to be able to monitor a movement in the sub cm interval if possible. The system will be compromised by a sensor module with electronics and communication and a host that will collect and handle data. The sensor module shall be able to do the position calculations. The following questions shall be answered by the thesis: 

  • What are the best algorithm to report and detect object motion within sub cm given the inputs stated above regarding the sensors? 
  • What are the requirements of the sensors to be used?
  • Given the questions above and the chosen sensor platform, was the target met when implemented? 
  • What are the future improvements?


The master thesis shall be implemented using an embedded system and a development kit with adjoining development environment. The system shall build around a COTS system with well-known MEMS sensors at a low cost. The result shall show an embedded system with a demonstrator function. The research questions shall be theoretical solved and implemented on the embedded platform.

Who are you?

The thesis is at Masters level, meant to be started by January 2017. It is suitable for a person to be carried out on ÅF's office in Solna. The work is done in close cooperation with other thesis at ÅF on drönarområdet.You're probably a student of mechatronics/ computer science/ engineering psysics background and a strong interest in this type of technology!

The students are expected to work with the thesis full time (40h/week). The student is expected to have contact with an examiner and perhaps also a supervisor and also have done necessary paperwork. The student shall deliver a final report to ÅF at the end of the thesis work.

We offer

All practical details like access card, work place/desk and computer accounts shall be ready by the start of the thesis work. ÅF shall provide a supervisor that will help with work related issues. ÅF will support with embedded platform and computer SW needed for the project.

Contact information

Roger Ericsson, ÅF Technology