Electrical and I&C

Electrical and I&C

ÅF provides project engineering consulting services in the fields of automation, industrial IT, software development, power systems and electrical safety.

Our experts in Electrical and I&C specialize in visualization and automation of processes and controls for thermal energy plants. Their main activities cover:

  • Plant control systems and instrumentation technology
  • Control rooms
  • Plant information and operating systems
  • Auxiliary power supply systems
  • Upgrading of plant process control systems
  • Monitoring systems for thermal power plants
  • Automation and visualisation concepts
  • Man-machine interface

Automation means getting something to operate by itself, often with the purpose of improving efficiency and quality in a process. As advancements are made in technology, automation solutions are developed simultaneously. Most process industries already have an automation system that works satisfactorily, and in most cases do not consider changing it unless they are faced with new challenges and requirements.

When an automation system has been in operation for several years, it may be difficult to connect it to a business system without having to make a few adjustments. That’s where we at ÅF come into the picture. Automation is a strength of our operations and we know what we are doing; whether it is to be built from scratch or modernized. We possess the expertise to provide optimal solutions that make your investment pay off.

Our experienced engineers are accustomed to supporting clients in both long-term undertakings and one-off projects. Many years' experience of the development, design and delivery of complete systems has given us a portfolio of references from satisfied clients in the thermal energy sector.

Beat Müller
Beat Müller
Head of Electrical and I&C Technology 
+ 41 (0)56 483 11 11 
Nikola Tesla TPP-B, Serbia
Modernization of the monitoring and control system of lignite fired Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant B
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