Balance + ™

Balance + ™

Time to improve your power plant controls?
‘Balance +’ is the modern solution to increase the efficiency of the plant.

There’s nothing new in the statement that a functioning automation system is a prerequisite for an efficient production. The snag is when it’s time for operations to go that one step further and you have to question whether the present plant control system is sufficient for modern requirements or not.

New ‘Balance +’  provides a greater bonus

The growing demand to use lower quality fuels and the requirements to take actions to cut down the emissions and increase efficiency have been the driving force to develop new control and optimization strategies in power plants. The modern control solutions are known to improve the control performance in the power plants, but they are also known for their complex structures and need for time-consuming tuning. ÅF has developed advanced control strategies for controlling the processes in the most optimal way without the time-consuming tuning procedures.

The power plant control solutions developed by ÅF’s advanced process control group have been collected to a control concept called Balance+. It can be customized to fit individual demands to enhance the plant performance and availability.

Our process control experts have process control experience from a wide scale of industries, including chemical processes, paper mills, and a variety of power plants. Our control solutions are thereby based on the in-depth process knowledge and understanding. The development of modern distributed control systems has made possible to implement our advanced control strategies in process control. Balance+ control solutions can be realized in any modern DCS and ÅF has been working with all of the major systems from the beginning.

The essence of the Balance+ are the process based calculation models. The disturbances to the process are measured directly or indirectly and the calculation model calculates the needed control action to compensate these disturbances. The calculation models are adaptive, so the control response stays optimal also during the process changes. Due to the use of the calculation models the controller can be tuned with slow parameters and the process stays stable in the steady state, but the control responses fast to transients minimizing the over- and undershoot.

Examples of Balance+ concept contents for power plants:

  • Load & Air controls for drum and Once through boilers
  • Feed water control in drum boiler
  • Steam temperature enthalpy control
  • Bed balance optimization for fluidized bed boilers
  • Steam accumulator controls to stabilize the steam network

Contact us and we will customize a solution that fits your needs.

Jari Leppäkoski
Jari Leppäkoski
Vice President, Process Control, Finland 
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