Balance+, Adaptive Control Concept

ÅF has combined decades of boiler control experience and expertise in one adaptive control concept: Balance+.

Modern control solution for all types of boiler plants

  • Improves combustion stability, steam parameters and lowers flue gas emissions.
  • Can be implemented in any modern process automation system.
  • Model based, adaptive control with patented technology.

Regardless of the type and size of a boiler plant, Balance+ tackles all the challenges that conventional control solutions have difficulties with. These challenges typically come from non-linear multi-variable behavior, time-delays, furnace slagging, mechanical ageing, and varying fuel quality.

Balance+ takes care of all that without time-demanding tuning procedures. At the heart of Balance+ is an intelligent adaptive process model. Unlike traditional control solutions Balance+ measures direct and indirect data from the process, refers to historical data, and calculates output for controllers.

Balance+ calculates the optimal main control variables for a boiler:

  • Feed water to match steam production
  • Fuel flow to vaporize feed water
  • Air to provide stable combustion and optimal staging
  • Spray water to stabilize steam temperatures
  • Correct actions to compensate disturbances.

Balance+ benefits

Lower emissions
- Less NOx and CO from combustion
Better efficiency
- Higher steam parameters
- Lower oxygen content in flue gas
Lower electrical house load
- Lower feed water pump load
- Lower air and flue gas fan load
Higher utilization degree
- Operation point closer to design values
- More accurate control
Better availability
- Less stress to heat exchangers
- Less actuator failures


Contact us and we will customize a solution that fits your needs.

Jari Leppäkoski
Jari Leppäkoski
Vice President, Process Control, Finland 
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