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Peter Aronsson - going for gold!
22. heinäkuuta 2015
The World Championships of underwater rugby is coming up. Peter tells us what drives him, if he’s in good shape, and his thoughts about this very physical sport, where men and women compete together.
Kerava Energy choses Balance+
10. heinäkuuta 2015
ÅF office in Tampere Finland has made a new Balance+ contract with Kerava Energy.
ÅF wants to attract female engineers
7. heinäkuuta 2015
ÅF takes a different approach to recruiting more female engineers. In October new employment contracts will only be signed with women.
Participated in the ICONE23 conference
6. heinäkuuta 2015
The 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering was held in Makuhari Messe, Japan, in May 2015. ÅF was represented by Henrik Hildesson and Lingfu Zeng of Nuclear Engineering.
Pumped Hydro Power Plant in Austria
3. heinäkuuta 2015
ÅF has signed a contract of several million Euro with Pumpspeicherkraftwerk Koralm GmbH to provide the engineering services for the Koralm Pumped Storage Power Plant in Styria, Austria.
Small hydro power plant in Switzerland
30. kesäkuuta 2015
ÅF signed a contract as Owner’s Engineer for the new small hydro power plant Cotlan in Rüti.
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