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Watch the launch of a 140 meter long bridge
31. maaliskuuta 2015
On April 11, a 140 meter long bridge will be moved and launched over the bay Svindersviken, in Nacka, Stockholm. The bridge weighs about 1500 tons and an animation video has been created to show how the launch works.  
State-of-the-art equipment puts Pakistan in the forefront
27. maaliskuuta 2015
ÅF has been engaged for the development of a feasibility study including state-of-the-art equipment that shall put Pakistan in the forefront of the smart grids technoligies.
Show ‘n Tell for Radioactive Waste Disposal
25. maaliskuuta 2015
It’s this week that specialists from different clay-related disciplines meet with scientists and engineers from organizations engaged in radioactive waste disposal to evaluate their research progress. The occasion in Brussels is the 6 th International Conference on Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement.
Building Project of the Year
24. maaliskuuta 2015
For the third year running, ÅF has been involved in the winning project in the competition Årets Bygge (Building Project of the Year).
ÅF at ISACA conference
19. maaliskuuta 2015
ÅF is represented at the Nordic ISACA Conference in Copenhagen.
New Balance+ control renewal project in Rayong
27. helmikuuta 2015
ÅF in Finland has signed a new Balance+ contract with Glow Energy Public Company Limited in Thailand.
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