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Supplier to Electrolux
23. huhtikuuta 2015
ÅF has become one of the few preferred partners providing consulting services to Electrolux.
ÅF signs cooperation agreement with RUAG Space
16. huhtikuuta 2015
ÅF has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with RUAG Space AB regarding communication technology in space.
ÅF supplies control contract to depot in Bro
15. huhtikuuta 2015
Bro commuter train depot in Stockholm is one of three depots run by Stockholm Public Transport (SL-trafiken) and ÅF’s contract comprises programming, commissioning and quality assurance of a new Siemens control system.
ÅF's Annual Report 2014 is published
7. huhtikuuta 2015
The ÅF Annual Report 2014  is now published.
ÅF modernises CHP plant for Bodens Energi
2. huhtikuuta 2015
ÅF has been commissioned to upgrade and modernise Boden's combined heat and power plant.
Watch the launch of a 140 meter long bridge
31. maaliskuuta 2015
On April 11, a 140 meter long bridge will be moved and launched over the bay Svindersviken, in Nacka, Stockholm. The bridge weighs about 1500 tons and an animation video has been created to show how the launch works.  
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