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Emelie Nymark

I have been working in the automotive industry since 2005, which is almost my whole career. I find it very stimulating because it’s a business where you can learn new things for the rest of your career or, if you prefer, specialise in a narrower field in the industry.

How come you are so interested in your specific field of work?

Being a design engineer is a creative and solution-oriented line of work. I am also inspired by the challenge of developing a product with function, innovation and quality.

How has your career at ÅF developed?

It has deepened my knowledge of the automotive industry within chassis and suspensions for passenger cars, since I previously worked with truck suspensions for many years. But it has also broadened my skills in other areas of the chassis since I’ve been fortunate enough to be a member of several different kinds of projects.

Which is the best project you’ve worked on?

Designing front and rear suspension from scratch has been the best and most exciting project I’ve worked on so far. I worked with a team in Trollhättan for an international customer in the passenger car segment and our team was given a lot of responsibility.

What do you think makes a good consultant?

Using your experience together with others, being a good team player, being positive and open-minded. In my profession, it is also a matter of considering different aspects and weighing them to find the best solution.

Do you have a fun story from previous assignments that you can tell us about?

Getting to see new car models from premium brands, which are in development for year 2020, is a very cool aspect of the job.

What are your thoughts on Ladies’ Month?

Ladies’ month shows that ÅF is a modern company intent on attracting diverse personnel. Being too similar to each other in a team is not conducive to creating new smart ideas.

If you have worked with global customers and international projects during your time at ÅF, what were the biggest challenges and what did you learn from that?

During my time at ÅF, I’ve been working with customers from UK and China. I have previously worked with colleagues in USA, Brazil, India, Japan, France and Germany as well. Engineering is a profession where you establish wide global networks. I believe it is vital to learn and grasp cultural differences in business situations, to be able to understand each other and communicate constructively and well.