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Sustainability is part of our business strategy and a prerequisite for ÅF’s business as a whole. The great challenge for ÅF is to make sure that the company’s profitability is the result of striking a long-term balance between social, environmental and financial interests.

At ÅF we aim to become Europe’s leading technical consulting company. One major step towards this has been to set ourselves some of the most demanding sustainability goals among European technical consulting companies. It takes technology and knowledge to foresee and tackle climate issues. We want to constantly improve the impact we have on creating a sustainable future. We want to make a difference.

By the year 2015 ÅF aims to:

  1. have halved its CO2 emission (compared with the base year, 2009, per co-worker).
  2. always offer clients a "green" alternative in the form of a more sustainable solution to every assignment.
  3. be the technical consultant that clients consider can best solve the challenges of the future.

One of the keys to becoming a more sustainable company is to encourage and ensure that ÅF’s core business activities – the projects and assignments performed for the company’s clients – are carried out in accordance with its sustainability goals. A sustainability policy was therefore launched in 2011, based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles for international businesses. This serves as a tool to set limits and provide guidance in every ÅF project. A whistleblowing channel was also initiated to coincide with the launch of the sustainability policy.

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