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  1. [Web pages] Sustainability
    is part of our business strategy and a prerequisite for ÅF"s business as a whole. The great challenge for ÅF is to make sure that the company"s profitability is the result of striking a long-term balance between social, environmental and financial interests. ...
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  2. ÅF's Sustainability Director - climbing the rankings www.afconsult.com / News / ÅF's Sustainability Director - climbing the rankings / ÅF's Sustainability Director - climbing the rankings Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Congratulations Alice! You are on the ...
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  3. ÅF recruits Nyamko Sabuni as Sustainability Director www.afconsult.com / News / ÅF recruits Nyamko Sabuni as Sustainability Director / ÅF recruits Nyamko Sabuni as Sustainability Director Wednesday, September 11, 2013 ÅF has recruited Nyamko Sabuni to strengthen ...
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  4. ÅF strives to contributes to sustainable development through its influence ... between environmental, social and economic factors. All ÅF consultants are aiming to carry out this responsibility in thousands of missions, worldwide, every day! STUDY REALISATION ...
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  5. Space for sustainability www.afconsult.com / News / Space for sustainability / Space for sustainability Thursday, November 06, 2014 For the second time this year a space seminar will take place at ÅF"s head office in Stockholm. The theme is Sustainable ...
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  6. As a part of ÅF"s sustainability work, EVEN ODDS is the process for equality. ÅF wants to get more women on board, at all levels. We believe that equality will make us even stronger, more productive and successful. At ÅF, we promote equal rights and opportunities ...
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  7. The ninth edition of the Green Advisor Report is now ... sustainability that ÅF has performed around the world. The series of Green Advisor Reports together with our sustainability policy and the previously established Green Advisor Plan is our way of showing ...
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  8. [Web pages] Policies
    ÅF has a number of policies and guidelines related to the sustainability work. Download our policies on the links below: ÅF Code of Conduct ÅF Sustainability Policy ÅF Whistleblowing Policy ÅF's Policy for Equal Treatment ÅF Travel Policy ÅF Business ...
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  9. We believe that technology, engineering and technical solutions will play ... Sustainability - The big difference that ÅF makes in moving society towards a more sustainable future is through the projects we execute for our clients. All of our assignments include ...
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  10. We are very proud to have been appointed Green Advisor ... sustainability studies and education for employees and athletes in sustainability-related issues, including climate change and energy efficiency. The Olympic Games provide the ultimate opportunity ...
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