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  1. ÅF Sound & Vibration - Offshore ÅF Sound & Vibration has worked with sound and vibration control on offshore installations for many years and has a specialist group working extensively with offshore sound and vibration control. The projects have been ...
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  2. Listen. Feel. Each and every product affects us in ... sound and vibration under control have a competitive advantage on the world market. They keep hearing disorders and vibration injuries to a minimum. They help increase machine availability. And they most certainly ...
  3. Sound is one of the major environmental aspects of the establishment of new wind turbines. Sound is also an issue that often raises discussions and feelings among local residents, and is used as an argument against the projects environmental permit. - At ...
  4. We are increasingly exposed to community noise in our ... sound environments in our society. The presentations can be used in environmental impact investigations, municipal comprehensive plans and in detailed planning in municipals. Main sources of community ...
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  5. Purpose, goal - To enhance the precision and extend the usage areas of engineering practice methods for calculation of train excited structure-borne sound and vibrations in dwellings. - Background - There are several huge railway projects planned in Sweden ...
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  6. The earlier ÅF"s sound and vibration experts are brought into a project, the greater the chance of a successful outcome. This applies equally to the planning and building of new plants as to upgrading existing factories. In fact, it"s a good idea to consult ...
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  7. Our sound and vibration experts base their solutions on solid theoretical grounds. By working closely with technical colleges and the trade press, we always have access to the very latest findings within sound and vibration. We use this knowledge to recommend ...
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  8. [Web pages] Measurements
    ÅF offers a variety of measurements in the field of sound an vibration. ÅF-Ingemansson AB´s accreditation to SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 as a testing laboratory does not only imply in-door laboratory measurements. - ISO/IEC 17025 - The accreditation, given by ...
  9. Sound is a very important environmental factor in buildings where people live. However, different types of premises require different sound environments, with, for example, churches and concert halls setting completely different requirements for the building ...
  10. Maintaining production is critical in the Energy and process Industry as ... Sound&Vibration we have looked in to a couple of critical area"s with the focus to build special knowhow to get a better understanding of the different processes. - We found that dynamic ...
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  1. [Web pages] Magnus Berger
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