Groundwater Energy Designer

Groundwater Energy Designer

The results of the assessment of a heating or cooling demand may be used to investigate the potential for the direct utilization of groundwater. Based on a simplified representation of hydrogeological conditions, the wellbores for groundwater withdrawal are dimensioned and the options for the infiltration of used water are analysed considering the local situation in terms of available area and natural groundwater flow.

GED Screenshot

By varying the number and location of wellbores, it is possible to test interactively various configurations and to minimise the negative thermal effects on the groundwater with consideration of the actual site conditions.

A trial version of the Groundwater Energy Designer and order forms are included in the download. It is available with an interactive user interface in either English, German or French and is accompanied by comprehensive documentation.

GED was developed with support from the Swiss Federal Office for Energy (BfE) for the dimensioning of facilities for the thermal utilisation of groundwater.

System requirements:
Processor: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 1024 MB
Hard Disk: minimal free space of 26 MB
Monitor resolution: 1024x768 or higher
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2 or later

Download a free test version of the program with unlimited use for 7 days from the first installation.

Download Groundwater Energy Designer

A Read Me file is included in the download with instructions for obtaining a computer-specific Licence for €300.00.

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Joachim Poppei
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