ÅF – leading the way in technical consulting

Our work focuses on energy and the environment, investments in infrastructure and projects for industry. Our base is in Europe, but our business and clients extend right across the globe.
What makes us unique is our co-workers and the technical consulting industry’s greatest bank of experience.

It’s all summed up in our corporate motto: “ÅF – innovation by experience.”

ÅF consists of four divisions: International, Industry, Infrastructure and Technology. The divisions are based on the requirements of our clients as reflected in our own spectrum of skills.

The International Division is primarily focused on offering consulting services for energy industries, but also represents the entire range of services of ÅF globally.

The Industry Division is northern Europe’s leading industrial consultant, offering services in process technology, automation, industrial IT, electrical power systems and mechanical engineering.

The Infrastructure Division holds a leading position in consulting services for infrastructure development in Scandinavia within areas as Installations, Sound & Vibrations and Infrastructure Planning.

The Technology Division provides solutions and consulting services within areas Communications & Defence and Product Development.