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Company Information

Company Information

Innovation by experience

The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more than a century of experience.

Our work focuses on energy, investments in infrastructure and projects for industry.
Our base is in Europe, but our business and clients extend right across the globe.
What makes us unique is our co-workers, our networks and the technical consulting industry’s greatest bank of experience.
It’s all summed up in our corporate motto:
ÅF – Innovation by experience.

Today the ÅF Group has approx. 7,000 employees.

Net sales per year is approx. SEK 8 billions.

Everything from energy processes to mobile phones

The ÅF Group's companies combine proven proficiency in advanced aspects of IT and engineering, innovation and the most modern technology with a track record of working together with Swedish and international industry that stretches back many years. Few technical consulting companies can offer the same breadth and depth of resources as we can today. 
Thanks to the extent of our expertise and experience we are privileged to serve as a resource for a number of projects that are firmly focused on the future in a wide variety of technical areas for both large companies and small. These include everything from the development of mobile telephony to the project planning work behind the construction of new energy plants.
Who knows, maybe the ÅF Group can also bring an extra dimension of knowledge to your business activities.

Tel: +46 10 505 00 00 Addresses
Innovation by experience