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NO-1325 Lysaker, Norra
Arnstein Arnebergs vei 28
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Sustainability in infrastructure projects

ÅF Norge, ÅF Advansia, ÅF Infrastruktur and ÅF Industry has head quarters at Lysaker. ÅF can offer the following services within infrastructure and technical installations in Norway:

ÅF has substantial experience and capacity in efficient project management for the Nordic markets. Our co-workers have a vast collective knowledge covering both the consultants´, contractors´ and customers´business perspectives.

Designing of technical installations in buildings is one of our largest diciplines in Norway, and ÅF provides multidisciplinary services. The offices in Oslo can also provide consultancy, design and engineering of lighting solutions through the award winning team of ÅF Lighting.

Every day, we help our customers creating the most profitable, safe and sustainable solutions in their projects.