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ÅF lighting project wins international prizes

ÅF lighting project wins international prizes

ÅF lighting project wins international prizes

24. maj 2011

The two prizes were given to a project at Helsingborg waterfront, where the creative lighting design for the new promenade has created a playground during nighttime and sets the stage for “unique human interactions” – according to the jury.


The purpose of the design concept was to create an inviting and beautiful waterfront to facilitate an active evening life in the area. The project includes recreational urban spaces, a promenade and a street and tackles the challenges associated with lighting areas near water, including avoiding unwanted water reflection and preserving the free view of the night sky and ocean.


The project won in hard competition with some of the world’s best and finest lighting projects. Besides winning the Award of Excellence, the projects also won the Award of Sustainability due to its sustainable design principles.


The International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), established in 1969, is an international or-ganization supporting a network of 800 lighting design professionals.


Photo: Ulf Celander

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548 recessed fiber light points are spread on the concrete landscape mirroring the starry sky above.


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