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Press release

Press release

Aktiebolaget Ångpanneföreningen has become ÅF AB

For further information:
Jonas Wiström, President & CEO                                     +46 (0)70-608 12 20
Viktor Svensson, Director, Corporate Information             +46 (0)70-657 20 26
Today on 5 May 2008, Aktiebolaget Ångpanneföreningen has changed its name to ÅF AB.
"The time is ripe," says Jonas Wiström, President of ÅF.
"Today ÅF is as well known as a brand as is Ångpanneföreningen - but ÅF better reflects the modern, international technical consulting company that we have become. So we're changing our name," Wiström explains, and continues, "And by making the change to ÅF, we can still retain a clear connection to our proud history."
The name change took place in the afternoon local time, after the Swedish Companies Registration Office had registered the changes in the Company's Articles of Association.
The Annual General Meeting held on 23 April 2008 resolved to amend the Articles of Associations meaning i.a. that the name of the Company shall be ÅF AB.
Corporate Information
The ÅF Group is a leader in technical consulting, with expertise founded on more than a century of experience. We offer highly qualified services and solutions for industrial processes, infrastructure projects and the development of products and IT systems. We are also one of the leading names in testing and inspection. Today the ÅF Group has 4,000 employees. Our base is in Europe, but our business and our clients are found all over the world.