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Press release

Press release

ÅF Group signs new framework agreement with Teracom

The ÅF Group has signed a framework agreement with Teracom relating to technical documentation. According to the terms of the agreement, which will run for three years, the ÅF Group will take over documentation operations for Teracom, one of Sweden's leading net operators within the areas of radio, television and telecommunications.
The framework agreement covers documentation for Teracom's networks, plant and systems.
As a result of the agreement the ÅF Group will become a major supplier of consulting services to Teracom. Through similar earlier agreements the ÅF Group already provides consulting services to support Teracom's core business activities.
The ÅF Group has many years' experience of working with telecommunications infrastructure, and it numbers telecommunications net operators, urban network owners, net suppliers, public authorities, government agencies and the Swedish Armed Forces among its clients.
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