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Press release

Press release

ÅF Group signs agreement with Skanska

The ÅF Group and Skanska Teknik AB (Malmö Region) have signed an agreement relating to technical consulting services, first and foremost in the area of electrical installations. As a consequence this arrangement, four Skanska employees will be transferred to the ÅF Group.
The agreement is designed to reinforce the strengths of the ÅF Group and Skanska Teknik in the installations market, primarily in assignments such as project planning and the project management of electrical installations in properties. Initial contacts have been taken with customers under the new cooperation agreement, and collaboration will be intensified from June onwards. Both parties see the agreement as the beginning of a long-term process of cooperation that will be developed as time goes on.
"The agreement reinforces the bands between the ÅF Group and this important client," says Niclas Nilsson, Regional Manager for ÅF Installations in southern Sweden. "Our two companies also complement one another's strengths, enabling the ÅF Group to focus on installations while Skanska concentrates on construction."
"From our point of view, this agreement is a highly positive development," says Rikard Espling, Regional Manager for Skanska Teknik in Malmö in the south of Sweden. "It ensures that we can continue to offer electrical installations as part of our service package, at the same time as it enables us to proceed with our policy of focusing our attention on our core business."
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