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Press release

Press release

ÅF Group strengthens its technology portfolio

The ÅF Group has reached agreement with Systeam to acquire all of the company's operations relating to the 3D CAD program, Solid Edge. This will make the ÅF Group the leading supplier in Sweden of this modern software for professional mechanical design applications.
In addition to the rights to the software, the ÅF Group is also securing the services of a handful of specialists from Systeam and the current client list, which includes names such as DeLaval International. 
The acquisition will be integrated into existing 3D CAD operations within the ÅF Group, which are organised as part of the Industry & Systems division. Following the acquisition, the Group's 3D CAD operations are expected to generate sales in the region of SEK 25 million per year.
Volvo Construction Equipment is among the ÅF Group's existing clients in this field.

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