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Press release

Press release

ÅF-Group expands in Poland

The ÅF-Group is exercising its option to acquire 47 percent of the consulting firm ÅF-Proinstall Ltd., in Warsaw. The company was founded in 1997 as a joint venture between the ÅF-Group and the owners of the Polish company Proinstall.
The company has access to some 15 consultants, of whom six are full-time employees and the others work as sub-contracted consultants. ÅF-Proinstall is active in the area of Energy, Environment & Process Technology - mainly for Polish district heating companies. Other customers include ABB, Perstorp and Preem Petroleum.

The ÅF-Group also runs the wholly-owned Polish subsidiary ISO-SMG Poland, an operation in the area of Education & Management. This company has four full-time employees in Warsaw and also access to some 30 sub-contracted consultants. Projects include the training of high- and middle-level management, as well as organisational development for customers whose operations are growing in Eastern Europe - mainly in Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Customers include ABB, Adtranz, Kraft, Jacob Suchard, GlaxoWellcome, Legrand, Gullfiber and Swedwood.

Corporate Information

For more information <br>Mats Lundström, Managing Director, ÅF-Energikonsult Syd <br>Tel. +46 - (0)40-37 50 00, +46 - (0)70-681 43 36 <br>Åke Sahlin, Managing Director, ÅF-Swedish Management Group <br>Tel. +46 - (0)8-657 10 00 <br>Kaj Sandart, Director, Corporate Information, ÅF-Group <br>Tel. +46 - (0)8-657 10 00 <br>