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SHPP Cotlan

ÅF is the owners engineer for the new small hydro power plant Cotlan in Rüti (Canton Glarus, Switzerland).

Description of project:

On site today there are still running two 80 year olds Francis turbines with a total capacity of 0.32 KW. This small hydro power plant was originally the power supply of the textile manufacture “Textilfabriken Cotlan AG”. All the fabric buildings as also the employee’s houses still exist and are strictly protected by the ordonnance for cultural heritage. For the new power plant the headrace as also, the capacity will be increased significant to 18.6 m (before 12 m) and 2.3 MW. In the project, it is foreseen to build the new Cotlan power plant in a direct cascade with the 800m up-stream existing small hydro power plant.The penstock-canal will cross below the river Linth as also the historical buildings. For this challenging work, a drilling-machine for micro tunnelling is foreseen.

ÅF and his partner awarded as owner engineer, are responsible for tendering, detail design and construction supervision, including ecological construction supervision and at least commissioning also.

ÅF's services:

  • Basic Design
  • Tender Design
  • Detail Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction Supervision
  • Ecological construction supervision
  • Commissioning Support

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