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Fennovoima NPP

Owner's Engineering Services for Hanhikivi 1 - 1,200 MWe nuclear power plant unit in Finland.

Description of the Project:

Fennovoima plans to construct a new nuclear power plant Hanhikivi 1 (FH1) to produce electricity for its owners at cost price. The plant type is AES-2006 with 1 200 MW electric power, which is a third generation evolutionary pressurized water reactor and bases on Russian VVER technology. The plant supplier is RAOS Project Oy, a subsidiary of Rusatom Overseas, and their main sub-suppliers Titan-2, Atomenergomash, Atomproekt and Gidropress.

According to the schedule, Hanhikivi 1 plant will produce electricity in 2024. The Construction License Application has been submitted in June 2015 and the construction of the Reactor and Turbine Islands is planned to begin in 2018. The plant site on is located in Pyhäjoki, Finland.

ÅF Scope of Work:

A consortium formed of ÅF-Consult Oy and M+W Group was selected by Fennovoima Oy as the consulting partner based on competitive bidding. This extensive Owner's Engineering type of work is done by ÅF's offices in Finland, Switzerland, Sweden and Czech Republic. ÅF is providing the plant Owner with services related to:

  • nuclear safety and related analyses
  • design review in different engineering disciplines
  • licensing and permitting
  • auditing of the supplier chain
  • project management


 (Photo by Fennovoima)

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