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Ilisu HEPP

Leader of Owner's Engineer consortium for a 1,200 MW HPP and CFRD dam in Turkey

Description of project:

The Ilisu Dam and HEPP is a 1,200 MW power plant on the Tigris river, some 35 km north of Cizre, on the Turkish border shared by Syria and Irak. A 130 m high concrete-faced rockfill type (CFRD) dam with an embankment volume of 25 Mio. m³ creates a head of 120 m and a reservoir with 10 Bio. m³ live storage. The open air powerhouse harbours 6 Francis generating units of 200 MW capacity each. The spillway with 6 radial gates of 16 x 16 m has a discharge capacity of over 15,000 m³. The plant forms an important part of the proposed South East Anatolia Project (GAP). It is one of the world’s major hydro power plants.

ÅF's services:

ÅF is the leader of the Owner’s Engineers (ECS) consortium, consisting of 2 Swiss and 2 Turkish engineering companies: review and update final design; assist the owner (DSI) with the review of the contractor’s construction documents; site/erection supervision and commissioning.

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