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Bujagali HEP

A 250 MW low head run of river plant on the Nile River in Uganda

Description of project:

The Bujagali hydro powerproject is a privately developed 250 MW low head run-of-river plant on the Nile River in Uganda. The project includes an intake powerhouse complex housing 5 caplan units of 50 MW each; a conventional outdoor 132/230KV switchyard; a service spillway equipped with two radial gates under pressure and one flap gate with a total discharge capacity 3,300 m³/s; an emergency siphon spillway with a maximum discharge capacity of 1,200 m³/s; and an embankment dam with a maximum height of 30 m.

ÅF's services:

Phase 1: Until financial close: technical appraisal to provide an assessment as to whether the project fulfils acceptable viability and risk allocation criteria.

Phase 2: During project implementation, prior to commissioning and certification: periodical site visit to follow the construction progress; assess progress in engineering, procurement and construction activities; review variation and change order; monitor project costs.

Phase 3: Commissioning and certification: participation and reporting of performance tests; certification to the Lenders of achieved mechanical completion; provisional acceptance and Final Acceptance.

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