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Huddinge Centrum

Replacement of paving stones led to the redesign of a plaza. Huddinge Center was built in the 1980s, so the outdoor environment was in need of extensive renovation. The paving stones needed to be replaced. At the same time, property owner Huge wanted to introduce more greenery, add more seating and streamline the flow in the walking paths.

Design proposal for new furnishings

ÅF was given the task of developing a design proposal for two locations in Huddinge Center and submitting design proposals for new furnishings for the plaza. The furnishings had to be durable, comfortable to sit on and contribute warm and soft materials to the otherwise hard environment.

More greenery, light and seating 

The furnishings were created by a team made up of a landscape architect, a product designer, a lighting designer and a design engineer.

The furniture concept created by ÅF offered an opportunity to add greenery and light as well as new seating. The design proposals were developed on behalf of the property owner and the building documents were prepared on behalf of the contractor.

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