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House of Sweden in Washington

The building, which is beautifully situated by a pedestrian path along the Potomac River, was designed by Gert Wingårdh and Tomas Hansen from Wingårdhs arkitektkontor.

In addition to the Swedish Embassy, House of Sweden also contains conference facilities, 19 apartments and an exhibition hall, as well as a lobby with two reception desks, office suites and underground parking.

Planning and design have been carried by an American developer in collaboration with the National Property Board of Sweden (SFV). House of Sweden was inaugurated in 2006.

ÅF’s assignment included project engineering of the layouts for heating, water and sanitation systems for the building-related installations and inspection of those parts of the project engineering that were carried out by American consultants. ÅF was also responsible for heating, water and sanitation planning for tenant adaptations. and for lighting design.

The building was awarded the Kasper Salin Prize in 2007.

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