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Cable and penetration exchange at Ringhals

Installation of new cables that will withstand the environment in the enclosure throughout R1 lifetime.


Ringhals nuclear power plant is forced to fulfill the Swedish governmental standard issued from year 2008. This project involves to ensure that mechanical and electronic components within containment withstand standards before and after an eventual accident. If this is fulfilled Ringhals 1 can continue its operation until 2030.


The project scope involves refurbishment of cables, cables routing and cable penetrations. Cables containing chlorine are to be minimized. The cable routings is optimized taking in account radiation sources, excess flow zones and heat sources. All cables are to be seismic verified.

ÅF:s role

ÅF was responsible for the project as a whole, in close collaboration with Ringhals. The main responsibilities included analysis, construction, installation, procurement and qualification of critical components, mounting, testing, dropoff and detailed upgrading of rough drawings. The client was accountable for contact with authorities, auditing and consulting.

Client value:

ÅF ensured that the projects tight time schedule was met and also reduced the total capital by 25 % originally calculated by the client.