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Programming tasks for the waste incineration industry, REFA Upgrading of REFA line 1 and line 2


REFA used DP CleanTech as the supplier to upgrade lines 1 and 2. DP CleanTech chose ÅF as the software supplier to REFA


ÅF programmed an ABB AC450 and 800xA over a period of six months. ÅF delivery included:

  • Programming of AC450
  • Configuration/Programming of 800xA interface
  • Analysis of old code to generate input for the functional specifications
  • Proposal to change the user interface
  • Input for the control system solution
  • Commissioning and adjustment


ÅF supplied software for:

  • Air heaters
  • Primary and secondary fans
  • Combustion air system
  • Waste chute, dampers, expansion and water-cooled chute
  • Hydraulics and pusher

This resulted in better combustion and lower emissions.

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