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Active Safety

Active safety is one of ÅF’s spearhead technologies. In an active safety system, advanced sensor technology (radar, cameras, etc.) is used to create a picture of the surroundings and the traffic situation, to determine whether the system should intervene to prevent an accident – and if so, how.

The system can warn the driver, apply the brakes automatically, or even steer the car away from a critical situation. ÅF collaborates with DENSO, a Japanese company that is a world leader in sensor technology and a major supplier to the car industry. ÅF has been tasked with leading the multifaceted work of the function development team.

“ÅF has a great deal of knowledge about the automotive industry in general and has focused a great deal of attention on active safety in recent years. ÅF is also a full-service supplier, able to provide consulting services for all the engineering disciplines in which we work. That makes the company unique here in Sweden. We’ve been delighted with the results. 

All-round expertise, long-term business relationships and flexibility are the key. Managers and coworkers have experience of both OEMs and suppliers, which gives them a good understanding of how things work both on the technology side and in business terms."
- Christian Larsson is Driving Assist & Safety Eng., Europe Senior Manager at DENSO.

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