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Interactive tunnels along the Cycle Superhighway

ÅF Lighting created a safe, fun and stimulating experience for cyclists and pedestrians around Copenhagen.

As a result of the successful installation of the interactive lighting design on the Farum Route in Gladsaxe ÅF Lighting was asked to continue to design the lighting for the remaining 11 tunnels along the Cycle Superhighway.

The Cycle Superhighway project wants to provide better conditions for bike commuters and encourage more people to choose the bike. The project has shown to be beneficial for both society and for the individual in terms of socio-economic benefits, and the improved routes will offer fast, comfortable and safe service for bike commuters.

ÅF Lighting’s design team in Copenhagen designed the first installation consisting of spinning wheels of light. The installation registers movement and the light “spins” in the same direction as the passing cyclists and pedestrians. Their presence lingers on the spinning lights and slowly fades out until the next person passes through.

The idea is to give the 12 tunnels an identifiable visual identity and to enhance a positive and stimulating experience for the users. The concept for the “wheels” is based on a collaboration between ÅF Lighting, the Municipalities of Gladsaxe and Copenhagen and students from Aalborg University. The new improved lighting of the tunnel and the dynamic lighting adds a cool effect and an increased feeling of safety according to the users.

Check out the pictures of the inauguration of the spinning wheels: